• Veranstaltungen demnächst

    • 2. Onkologisch-Laparoskopisches und Roboterchirurgisches Herbstsymposium

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      Bitte ausgefüllte Anmeldung (als Download verfügbar su.) absenden:
      per Fax 01/879 99 07-50 oder
      E-Mail anmeldung@hennrich-pr.at

      Verbindliche Anmeldung bis 2. November 2019 MEHR

    • 26. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurorehabilitation e. V.

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      Die Deadline für die Abstracteinreichung endet am 01.07.2019. MEHR

    • Robotic Xmas

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      robotisch assisitierte urologische Operationstechniken live (3D Übertragung), durchgeführt von internationalen Experten MEHR

    • Andrology 2020

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      It is our great pleasure to announce the 12th International, 11th European, and 32nd German Congress of Andrology, which will be held in Münster, Germany from 9–12 December 2020.

      Young and experienced scientists and clinicians from all over the world will present the latest breakthroughs in Andrology and related disciplines. It will be the perfect occasion to exchange and discuss new knowledge, technologies as well as diagnostic and therapeutic options with renowned international researchers in this exciting field. In parallel, we will provide outstanding opportunities for education and training by two Pre-congress courses, workshops and training sessions in German and English language. Please mark your calendar! MEHR

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